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TECOS In-Line Exchangeable Tunable 

Filter Modules & Filter Cassettes

This system - consisting of filter holders for one (TFM) or for two (WTFM) filter cassettes (FC) – is used by the most innovative photonic institutes and universities around the world. These devices are of exceptional high quality and accuracy, ensuring stable performance and predictable results. 

Tuneable Filter Module (Holder) TFM or WTFM 


- In-Line Fibre testing - Passive component testing and measuring - Research and development of optical fibre communication - Test and selection of various filters - Wavelength selection in WDM systems (in combination with LED/ASE light source) 


- Designed to work with exchangeable filter cassettes (FC) - Exact wavelength tuning by micrometer - Tuning range – 20 nm - Wide variety of filter cassettes available - WTFM could also be operated with one filter, or with filter combinations such as BPF + BPF, SPF + LPF, Etalon + BPF


 - Insertion Loss <= 0.7 dB - Fibre types SMF, MMF, DSF*, CSF*, PMF-Y, PMF-X - Dimensions TFM without protrusion parts – (L48xW43xH34) - Dimensions WTFM without protrusion parts – (L62xW57xH34)



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